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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Order 500 Calories While You Eat Out

If you find foods that offers 500-calories only, you can eat out or order fast foods and lose weight easily.

To have full control over what you eat or order, here is a list of foods from 5 different food restaurants that produce 500-calories or even less

McDonald's :

1- Hamburger, Garden Salad Shaker and small one-percent milk.[470-calories]. If you order salad dressing, make it fat free herb vinaigrette for 35 additional calories.

2- Chicken McGrill and Garden Salad Shaker [ 440-calories]. remember to order GRILLED and not FRIED chicken, the difference is 200-calories.


1- 3-piece Crispy Strips and Baked Beans [490-calories].

2- Roast Chicken Breast and Corn on the Cob [ 500-calories].


1- Chicken Gordita Supreme and Mexican Rice [490-calories]. Use hot sauce freely.

2. Grilled Chicken Soft Taco and Pintos 'N Cheese [380-calories]. Pinto beans provide half your daily fiber needs.


1. Two slices of The Edge "The Works" pizza and a tossed salad [380-calories], but bring your fat-free dressing with you.

2. One slice Supreme, Thin 'N Crispy pizza and a tossed salad [410-calories]. Avoid the stuffed-crust option, otherwise you add up 150-calories and 10 grams of fat per slice.


1- 6" ham sandwich on a deli roll plus one oatmeal raisin [423-calories]

2- 6" Super Turkey Breast sandwich [333-calories].

The Do's and Donot's :

1- Never order fries. A small serving of French fries has 210-calories, and super size has 610- calories.

2- Order or eat vegetables freely, they increase your sense of fullness, add fibers and boost the nutritional value of your food.

3- 1 or2 slices, or a complete fruit has benefits much more than calories it contains.

4- Avoid cheese, mayo, sauce and fries as they contain a lot of calories, and order fat-free milk...



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