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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eating 1200-Calories a Day ?

Eating 1200-calories every day? I would have died starving!

Eating 1200-calories/day seems to be more theoretical than it is practical or healthy style of eating. There are many myths concerning consuming that extremely low amounts of calories. For example :

#If you are eating 1200-calories/day, where do you get the calories needed for your basal metabolic rate [ it is around 2000-calories/day]. Burning body fats involves some other techniques that should maintain basal metabolic rate.

#If you eat 1200-calories per day, how do you get your basic nutrient needs, like essential fatty acids, essential sugars, trace elements,minerals and vitamins in a natural form. They all need a wide versification of foods, and each food carries additional calories.

#If you eat 1200-calories per day, how do you get the taste , satisfaction, or ease of meal preparation.

If we consider another - better actually - style of eating, that is eating 2000 calories/day, you can :
#With counting 2000-calories a day, you do not need to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate.

#Beginning with 2000-calories a day is the sure way that makes you stick to the diet plan, eat the healthy style, and even better, it prepares you for any further calories cutting down.

#Eating 2000-calories a day, you are not going to the fluctuated 2500 or more calories one day and 1200 or less calories another day.

#Eating 2000-calories a day put you in the safe area of calorie consumption and away from , " More calories in= Fewer calories out" and "Starvation mode" phenomena.
The starvation mode may actually lead to weight plateaus, ending up with you eating much less and weighing the same weight, not to mention the serious damaging effects on your muscles and nutrients supply.

Unless you are under a doctor's scheme and supervision, do not eat only 1200-calories...



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