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Friday, April 27, 2007

Cause of Energy Loss by Negative Calorie Foods

Advocates of negative calorie diet have been killed it by telling you about a natural phenomenon, yet they confuse you when trying to explain it. They tell you that negative calorie foods create negative calorie effect which is true, but they interpret this effect in a way that makes you skeptical about the whole subject.

They filled in the blanks with some imaginary speculations. The usual hypnotic marketing message was propagated by the copy-cats to spread the inaccurate word, and this created a mind block for people to appreciate the value of the negative calorie diet.

The False Theory of Negative Calorie Diet Advocates :
The diet advocates say that eating negative calorie foods consumes energy, yet they attribute this energy consumption to DIGESTION of these foods. They continue to explain that theory, saying that the body consumes energy to EXTRACT nutrients from the food.

I should admit that I never understood that theory about consuming energy in extracting less amount of energy contained in the same food !.

It is the TRANSPORT and NOT DIGESTION of Negative Calorie Food that consume Energy :
Negative calorie foods are composed of fibers associated with little amount of nutrients. The stomach minces the food and the associated nutrients are released to run with the stream of all the digestible foods to be finally absorbed by the intestinal wall.

As for fibers, after crushed in the mouth and stomach, they absorb water along their way down the digestive canal until excreted. The amount of absorbed water is determined by the content and type of complex carbohydrates present in the negative calorie food.

The more the water it absorbs the heavier is the produced mass.The fiber becomes like a sponge saturated with water, and the intestine spends energy on pushing this heavy mass along its away. Moreover, the large intestine spend energy on holding this heavy mass until most of its water content is reabsorbed and the fiber mass acquires the the volume suitable for excretion.

Critics of Negative Calorie Diet say :
# There is no scientific proof to confirm the effectiveness of negative calorie diet.
# There is no abundance of information about negative calorie diet.
# Negative calorie diet is more theoretical than it is practical.
# No food actually possess "negative calorie" (based on its content outside the body).

Advantages of Negative Calorie Foods :
# You can eat your way to lose weight .
# Little effort is involved with negative calorie diet.
# Negative calorie diet promotes consumption of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, i.e. it encourages the healthy way of living.
# Negative calorie diet enhances metabolism, thanks to its content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
# Negative calorie diet can be a part of any diet plan.
# Negative calorie diet is not boring. With some healthy fats and proteins, it can be suitable for any one ,specially those not fond of being overwhelmed with information and procedures.
# Negative calorie diet can be the starting phase of any one wants to lose weight.

Scientific Proof of Effect of Negative Calorie Foods :
# Intestinal obstruction (Illius) is a documented contra-indication of bulk laxatives containing fibers.
# Researchers found that fiber containing foods reduce blood cholesterol through binding to dietary cholesterol and preventing it from absorption
# Pellagra, Beriberi, Scurvy...etc. were endemic diseases in areas known to be not eating much of fruits and vegetables.
# The last proof you make it yourself :
Put 1 tablet of a laxative containing fibers ( e.g. psyllium seeds) in 1/2 a cup of water and leave it for 8 hours. You will find a jelly mass formed by the cellulose like material when absorbs water. This is like the mass moved and excreted by your intestines when you eat negative calorie foods.

You can watch a movie I have prepared and uploaded at You Tube, and although I am not pretty good as a movie director, yet it can make you involve more of your senses to help you perceive the idea. It is found under the name"Underestimated Weight Loss".

Now you can count negative calories.



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