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Count-2000-Calories of Each Food to Know its Limits

To maintain your weight and neither gain nor lose weight you need to enter about 2000 Calories into your body every day. Giving numbers and distracted tables creates the impression inside the dieter that he should arm himself with a degree in mathematics.

This is why this this article is designed to impart your mind a classification tool of different foods, the ideal way to maintain your weight. It is a list of the supposed amount of a certain food if eaten alone for 24 hours (just drinking water with it) , and as a result you understand the limits of this specified food, in relation to other foods eaten during the day.

Thus for one day Calories maintenance needs, you have to supposedly eat about 20 kilo-grams of Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Leek, or Mushrooms (boiled) . You see that one should plan for the eating hours through the day, if he goes this way!An easier job is brought by supposedly eating only 8-12 kilograms of Watercress, Cabbage,Carrots,ONION(BOILED),and TOMATOES. Compare eating only 1.3 Kilo-grams of FRIED ONION,or 2.85 Kilo-grams of TOMATO PUREE, and you appreciate this article.

Implementing this way with all foods, gives you the complete picture of the relation between different foods and your daily calorie needs. The smaller the quantity of your daily need ,the more you are cautious about the amount you eat of this specific food, or its similar.

You will need to supposedly eat 30 eggs/day, 12-13 plain Hot-Dogs/day,10 Blue-Berry Muffins/day, or 8 glazed Doughnuts, each of them alone all over the day.Or you will need to supposedly eat 540 grams Peanut butter, or 600 grams Baily's Irish cream, each of them alone. And you will need to drink 5 Liters of Coca-Cola, 3.333 Liters Whole Milk, each of them alone along the whole day.

Here is a list of your needs of daily Calories when obtained from eating or drinking a single food for 24 hours. For the geeky, we also give the Calorie content of 100 grams:

# Cucumber, Spinach, Celery, Leek,Mushroom(boiled): 15-20 Kilo-grams/day.(100 grams of each of them contain 8-12 Calories).

# Onion(boiled),Tomato, Water-Cress,Cabbage,Carrots:8-12 Kilo-grams/day.(100 grams of each of them contain 15-25 Calories).

# Cauliflower, Broccoli, Red onions : 6-6.5 kilo-grams/day.(100 grams of each of them contain 30-33 Calories).

# Strawberry,Blackberries,Black Currants,Grape fruit,Orange: 6.6-8 Kg/day(100 grams of each of them contain 25-30 Calories).

# Peach,Apple,Kiwi,Honeydew melon : 4-5 Kilograms/day(100 grams contains 40-50 Calories).

# Canned green Peas,Canned sweet fruit,Grapes: 2.85-3.33 Kg/day.(100 grams contain 60-70 Calories).

# Olives : 205 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 80 Calories).

# Ketchup : 2.260 grams/day.(100 grams contain 88.5 Calories).

# Sliced Smoked Turkey : 2 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 99 Calories).

# Low fat strawberry yogurt : 1.96 kilograms/day(100 grams contain 102 Calories).

# Canned Black Beans : 1.86 grams/day.( 100 grams contain 107.5 Calories).

# Canned Pork and Beans :1.86 kilograms.(100 grams contain : 107.5 Calories.

# Eggs(boiled) : 30 eggs (1.5 kilograms).

# Cooked pasta : 1.45 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 138 Calories).

# Avocado : 1.25 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 160 Calories).

# Canned Tuna packed in oil : 1 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 196 Calories).

# Fiber One Cereal : 1 kilogram/day.(100 grams contain 200).

# Flax bread : 40 slices (900 grams).(100 grams contain 222 Calories).

# Dried Apricots : 830 grams /day.(100 grams contain 241).

# Jack in the box Cheeseburger : 5 Sandwiches/day.(100 grams contain 266.5 Calories).

# Jack in the box french fries : 10 servings/day.(100 grams contain 274 Calories).

# Jack in the box Chicken fries : 5 Sandwiches/day.(100 grams contain 277.5 Calories).

# French Sandwich Roll : 5 Sandwiches/day.(100 grams contains 277.5 Calories)

# Blueberry Muffins : 10/day.(100 grams contain 277.5 Calories).

# Sesame Seed Bagel : 6/days.(100 grams contain 286 calories).

# Tootsie pops : 40/day.(100 grams contain 294 Calories).

# Hot Dogs : 12.5 (660 grams)/day.(100 grams contain 303 Calories).

# Wheat Dinner Rolls: 20(660 grams)/day.(100 grams contain 303 Calories).

# Corn Bran Cereals : 600 grams/day.(100 grams contain 333 Calories).

# Baily's Irish Cream : 600 gram/day.(100 grams contain 333 Calories).

# Smarties Candy : 570 grams/day.(100 grams contain 350 Calories).

# Uncooked pasta : 560 grams/day.(100 grams contain 357 Calories).

# Blackberry Pie : 10 (560 grams)/day.(100 grams contain 357 Calories).

# Cranberry Vanilla Crunch Cereal : 550 grams/day.(100 grams contain 363.5 Calories).

# Peanut Butter(Power Bar) : 540 grams/day.(100 grams contain 370 Calories).

# Puffed Rice Cereal : 540 grams/day.(100 grams contain 370 Calories).

# Jelly Belly(Jelly Beans) : 540 grams/day.(100 grams contain 370 Calories).

# Puffed Wheat Cereal : 530 grams/day.(100 grams contain 377 Calories).

# Brown Sugar : 530 grams/day.(100 grams contain 377 Calories).

# Glazed Doughnuts : 8 ( 520 grams)/day.(100 grams contain 384.5 Calories).

# Salted Pretzels : 520 grams/day.(100 grams contain 384.5 Calories).

# Medium Cheddar Cheese : 510 grams/day.(100 grams contain 392 Calories).

# Fruit Loops Cereal : 510 grams/day.(100 grams contain 392 Calories).

# Gummy Bears : 510 grams/day.(100 grams contain 392 Calories).

# Splenda Artificial Sweetener : 0.5 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 400 Calories).

# Salted Saltines Crackers : 0.5 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 400 Calories).

# Werther's Original Candy : 0.5 kilograms/day.(100 grams contain 400 Calories).

# Snickers Chocolate Bar : 410 grams/day.(100 grams contain 488 Calories).

# Doritos : 410 grams/day.(100 grams contain 488 Calories).

# Marshmallow Treat : 400 grams/day.(100 grams contain 500 Calories).

# M&M : 400 grams/day.(100 grams contain 500 Calories).

# Peanut Butter Crackers : 390 grams/day.(100 grams contain 513 Calories).

# Cheetos : 380 grams/day.(100 grams contain 513 Calories).

# Potato Chips : 370 grams/day.(100 grams contain 540 Calories).

# Hershy Kisses : 80( 360 grams)/day.(100 grams contain 555 Calories).

# Sliced and toasted Almonds : 390 grams/day.(100 grams contain 570 Calories).

# Fried Bacon : 340 grams/day.(100 grams contain 588 Calories).

# Peanut Butter : 340 grams/day.(100 grams contain 588 Calories).

# Salted Mixed Nuts : 330 grams/day.(100 grams contain 606 Calories).

# Butter : 280 grams/day.(100 grams contain 715 Calories).

# Canola oil : 230 grams/day.(100 grams contain 870 Calories).

# Whole Milk : 3.3333 Liters/day/(100 grams contain 60 Calories).

# Coca Cola : 4.96 Liters/day.(100 grams contain 40 Calories) . . .


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