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Cause of Energy Loss by Negative Calorie Foods

Advocates of negative calorie diet have been killed it by telling you about a natural phenomenon, yet they confuse you when trying to explain it. They tell you that negative calorie foods create negative calorie effect which is true, but they interpret this effect in a way that makes you skeptical about the whole subject.

They filled in the blanks with some imaginary speculations. The usual hypnotic marketing message was propagated by the copy-cats to spread the inaccurate word, and this created a mind block for people to appreciate the value of the negative calorie diet.

The False Theory of Negative Calorie Diet Advocates :
The diet advocates say that eating negative calorie foods consumes energy, yet they attribute this energy consumption to DIGESTION of these foods. They continue to explain that theory, saying that the body consumes energy to EXTRACT nutrients from the food.

I should admit that I never understood that theory about consuming energy in extracting less amount of energy co…

International Journal of Obesity - Abstract of article: Disordered eating behaviours and cognitions in young women with obesity: relationship with psychological status

I read this article about the impact of obesity upon psychological status in young women.

International Journal of Obesity - Abstract of article: Disordered eating behaviours and cognitions in young women with obesity: relationship with psychological status

Ladies, count 2000-calories and calm down.

Very Low Calorie Diets

No one should follow a very low-calorie diet plan without medical recommendation and supervision.

People who want to lose weight commonly, and first of all, think about reducing the amount of food they eat. This may be quite a solution but not exactly the best there is. In fact, depending on the amount you reduce in your food intake, it may even be dangerous to one's health.

Children, adolescents, pregnant or breast feeding women, should not follow very low calorie diet plan unless as a part of a specialized obesity treatment program. The only candidates for very low energy diets are those suffering from moderate to severe obesity, who are at risk from weight-related illness and these risks are worse than the potential side effects of a very low-calorie diets, and this is when doctors prescribe them.

The problem comes when only mildly overweight people begin to use them as a quick fix. Sudden dietary changes forced upon your body your body can wreak havoc, and more often than not you…

Eating 1200-Calories a Day ?

Eating 1200-calories every day? I would have died starving!

Eating 1200-calories/day seems to be more theoretical than it is practical or healthy style of eating. There are many myths concerning consuming that extremely low amounts of calories. For example :

#If you are eating 1200-calories/day, where do you get the calories needed for your basal metabolic rate [ it is around 2000-calories/day]. Burning body fats involves some other techniques that should maintain basal metabolic rate.

#If you eat 1200-calories per day, how do you get your basic nutrient needs, like essential fatty acids, essential sugars, trace elements,minerals and vitamins in a natural form. They all need a wide versification of foods, and each food carries additional calories.

#If you eat 1200-calories per day, how do you get the taste , satisfaction, or ease of meal preparation.

If we consider another - better actually - style of eating, that is eating 2000 calories/day, you can :
#With counting 2000-calories a day, yo…

Order 500 Calories While You Eat Out

If you find foods that offers 500-calories only, you can eat out or order fast foods and lose weight easily.

To have full control over what you eat or order, here is a list of foods from 5 different food restaurants that produce 500-calories or even less

McDonald's :

1- Hamburger, Garden Salad Shaker and small one-percent milk.[470-calories]. If you order salad dressing, make it fat free herb vinaigrette for 35 additional calories.

2- Chicken McGrill and Garden Salad Shaker [ 440-calories]. remember to order GRILLED and not FRIED chicken, the difference is 200-calories.


1- 3-piece Crispy Strips and Baked Beans [490-calories].

2- Roast Chicken Breast and Corn on the Cob [ 500-calories].


1- Chicken Gordita Supreme and Mexican Rice [490-calories]. Use hot sauce freely.

2. Grilled Chicken Soft Taco and Pintos 'N Cheese [380-calories]. Pinto beans provide half your daily fiber needs.


1. Two slices of The Edge "The Works" pizza and a to…

Count 300-Calories of Bread

If you go count -2000-calories plan, you should count 300-calories coming from bread through the whole day, preferably not made of refined flour.

This is a list to show you the way you can deal with bread through your day, so if you take 1 slice of Average White bread that contains 100 calories you have to count other 200 calories of bread to be taken during this day, whether of the same type or of other types.

Here is the list:
# Average Brown bread : 1 slice contains 82-calories. You count 218 (it certainly can be 220) calories of other breads.
# Average White bread : 1 slice contains 100-calories. You count 200-calories of other breads.
# Brown Rolls : 1 slice contains 94-calories. You count-206 calories of other breads.
# Croissants : 1 slice contains 133-calories. You count 167-calories of other breads.
# Cracker bread : 1 slice contains 17-calories. you count 283-calories of other breads, or of the same bread.
# Crisp bread : 1 slice contains 38-calories. You count 262-calories of other…

Count 200-Calories of These Foods Every Day

Subtract 200-calories of the 2000-calories you count every day to include these foods in your daily intake.

When you include them in your daily intake, you will be surprised by the following effects:
* Health promoting Effects include ;:

1- Get your body needs of important minerals like: Potassium, Calcium.Magnesium, Phosphorous, Copper, Zinc, and Selenium in their natural forms.

2- Get important portion of your needs of vitamins like: A,B,C, and E in their natural forms. 3- Get additional amounts of naturally occurring bio-metabolites in the body like Glutathione which has powerful antioxidant properties.

* Disease fighting effects include :

1- Naturally occurring Anti-oxidants that act unspecific in the whole body to protect it from foreign noxious insults, examples are, Glutathione in Asparagus, Quercetin in Fennel, and Carotenoids in green leafy vegetables.

2- Phyto-chemical substances that were recently found to have specific effects on some organs or diseases, like :

# Inulin in Chicory…

Count-2000-Calories of Each Food to Know its Limits

To maintain your weight and neither gain nor lose weight you need to enter about 2000 Calories into your body every day. Giving numbers and distracted tables creates the impression inside the dieter that he should arm himself with a degree in mathematics.

This is why this this article is designed to impart your mind a classification tool of different foods, the ideal way to maintain your weight. It is a list of the supposed amount of a certain food if eaten alone for 24 hours (just drinking water with it) , and as a result you understand the limits of this specified food, in relation to other foods eaten during the day.

Thus for one day Calories maintenance needs, you have to supposedly eat about 20 kilo-grams of Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Leek, or Mushrooms (boiled) . You see that one should plan for the eating hours through the day, if he goes this way!An easier job is brought by supposedly eating only 8-12 kilograms of Watercress, Cabbage,Carrots,ONION(BOILED),and TOMATOES. Compare e…

How to Count-2000-Calories

The whole concept of counting 2000-calories is meant at your gradual withdrawal from ingesting too much calories to the base line of calorie balance, i.e. 2000-calories/day , where the intake and output of calories are nearly the same.

With that is said, you should not be strictly tied to accurate calculations. If you find yourself feeling physically or emotionally unsatisfied, you may make them 3000-calories then make them 2500-calories towards our goal, 2000-calories/day.

To succeed to count 2000-calories/day, you should cut-down the digestible carbohydrate intake (e.g. sugar, bread, rice, pasta...etc.), so that you avoid the vicious circle of glucose/insulin/glucose..( the more glucose is in blood the more insulin is secreted and the more hungry you are, then the more you eat).

To start your journey on the way to count 2000-calories/day, you put for yourself a broad plan consisting of 2 big meals each produces 650-700-calories, and 3-4 snacks producing 150-200- calories each. Plan to …