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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Count 300-Calories of Bread

If you go count -2000-calories plan, you should count 300-calories coming from bread through the whole day, preferably not made of refined flour.

This is a list to show you the way you can deal with bread through your day, so if you take 1 slice of Average White bread that contains 100 calories you have to count other 200 calories of bread to be taken during this day, whether of the same type or of other types.

Here is the list:
# Average Brown bread : 1 slice contains 82-calories. You count 218 (it certainly can be 220) calories of other breads.
# Average White bread : 1 slice contains 100-calories. You count 200-calories of other breads.
# Brown Rolls : 1 slice contains 94-calories. You count-206 calories of other breads.
# Croissants : 1 slice contains 133-calories. You count 167-calories of other breads.
# Cracker bread : 1 slice contains 17-calories. you count 283-calories of other breads, or of the same bread.
# Crisp bread : 1 slice contains 38-calories. You count 262-calories of other breads.
# Chapatis : 1 slice contains 160-calories. You count 140-calories of other breads.
# Current bread : 1 slice contains 108-calories.You count 192-calories of other breads.
# French bread : 1 slice contains 102-calories. You count 198-calories of other breads.
# Granary bread : 1 slice contains 84-calories. You count 216-calories of other beads.
# Soy & Linseed : 1 slice contains 110-calories. You count 180-calories of other breads.
# Malt bread : 1 slice contains 130-calories. You count 170-calories of other breads.
# Naan bread : 100 grams contain 340-calories. You take 88 grams for ALL the day.
# Papadum : 100 grams contain 370-calories. You take 81 grams for ALL the day.
# Pitta bread : 100 grams contain 260-calories. You count 40-calories of other breads.
# Rye bread : 1 slice contains 83-calories. You count 217-calories of other breads.
# Vitbe (wheat germ) : 1 slice contains 106-calories. You count 294-calories of other breads.
# Wholemeal bread : 1 slice contains 81-calories. You count 219-calories of other breads.
# Wholemeal Rolls : 1 slice contains 91-calories. You count 209-calories of other breads.



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