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How Many Nuts Kernels Yield 2000 Calories

Nuts or kernels are not supposed to supply you your 2000 Calories daily needs, but what percentage should they represent of your total calorie intake if you are taking them as snacks?

First we should know that:
# 1 Pine nut yields 1.2 Calories
# 1 pistachios kernel yields 3.265 Calories
# 1 Peanut yields 6.06 Calories
# 1 Almond kernel yields 6.66 Cals
# 1 Cashews kernel yields 8.888 Cals
# 1 Hazelnuts kernel yields 9 Cals
# 1 Pecans half kernel yields 10 Cals
# 1 Walnuts half kernel yields 13.56 Cals
# 1 Macadonias kernel yields 16.666 - 20 Cals
# 1 Brazil kernel yields 23.8 - 31.75 Cals

Bearing these notions in mind we find that if you eat 60-80 Brazil halves alongside the day, you will not need to eat any thing else to obtain your 2000 calories needs, however if you try to obtain the same calories(2000 calories) from Pine nuts, you have to spend a part of the day counting over 1650 nuts! So if you have your snacks composed of nuts, you can be less alert for the top items and more cautious for the bottom items of the list.

* Pine nuts(Pignolia variety): 2000 Cals come from 1652.5 kernels. 1 ounce contains 157 kernels producing 190 Cals.
* pistachios: 2000 calories come from 612.5 kernels. 1 ounce contains49 kernels producing 160 Cals
* Peanut : 2000 Cals come from 330 kernels. 1 ounce contains 28 kernels producing 170 Cals.
* Almond : 2000 Cals come from 300 kernels. 1 ounce contains 24 kernels producing 160 Cals
Cashews : 2000 Cals come from 225 kernels. 1 ounce contains 18 kernels producing 160 Cals.
* Hazelnuts 2000 Cals come from 222 kernels. 1 ounce contains 20 kernels producing 180 Cals.
* Pecans 2000 Cals come from 200 half kernels. 1 ounce contains 20 half kernels producing 200 Cals.
* Walnuts 2000 Cals come from 147.5 half kernels. 1 ounce contains 14 half kernels producing 190 Cals.
* Macadonias 2000 Cals come from 100-120 kernels. 1 ounce contains 10-12 kernels producing 16.666-20 Cals.
* Brazil 2000 Cals come from 63-84 kernels. 1 ounce contains 6-8 kernels producing 190 Cals.

All of the nuts are unsalted; almonds, brazilnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts and walnuts are unroasted; cashews, macadamias and pistachios are dry roasted.


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