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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eat These Foods and you Can not Count 2000 Calories

The Worst Foods in America - Well - Tara Parker-Pope - Health - New York Times Blog

If you are going the count 2000 calories plan you may consider these facts. The book mentioned in the article enumerate 20 foods the auther considers them the worst foods in America. Looking at their calorie content, we find the following details:

1- An Ice Cream contains 1600 Calories
2- A Turkey Burger contains 1145 Cals
3- A Salad and Beef Taco contains 102 g fat, these fats give 918 Cals
4- Chicken Breast Strips contain 870 Cals
5- A roll snack contains 813 Cals
6- A juice that contains 166 g of sugar which yield 664 Cals
7- A Roasted Chicken Pot Pie that contains 64 g of fat. The fat alone yields 576 Cals
8- A Macaroni and Cheese kids meal contains 62 fat which produce 558 Cals

If you eat these foods habitually you can't count 2000 calories every day.



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