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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cut 100 Calories From Your Lunch or Dinner

Here are the promised tips through which you can cut 100 calories from your lunch or dinner intake:

- Change spaghetti sauce to contain vegetables like zucchini, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms instead of meat

- Do not put cheese on your burger, and put lettuce, onions, and tomato instead

- When using mayonnaise, choose it fat free

- Use nonstick cooking spray instead of butter for grilling a sandwich

- Do not use tuna packed in oil, use waterpacked variety instead

- Make your pizza with only 1/2 the cheese

- Do not go for the large burrito size flour tortillas, and choose the soft taco size (6-8inches)

- For making recipes, use fat-free sour cream

- Substitute 1% cottage cheese for regular one

- Before serving soups, stews, and sauces, skim their fat off

- When eating, bear in mind to leave some 3-4 bites on your plate

- Replace your regular dressing with some healthy additives like 2 TBSPbalsamic vinegar and 1 TSP extra virgin olive oil

- Take pizza with grilled chicken instead of pepperoni

- Remove all fat from your meat

- Do not add croutons to your salad

- Do not fry your chicken or fish, bake, broil, or grill them instead

- Make your meat portion around 100 g (the size of a deck of cards)

- Remove the chicken skin

- Replace meat with grilled portabello mushrooms (frequently at least)

- If your recipe contains butter, margarine, or oil, reduce their quantities by 1 TBSP

- For appetizers and casserolls, reduce their content of cheese

- Steamed vegetables may be seasoned with fresh lemon and herbs instead of the butter or part of it

- For macaroni and cheese, rice, pasta, and stuffing, omit or reduce the amount of butter, margarine, or oil



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