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Thursday, March 29, 2007

When do You Count-2000-Calories ?

deal with your weight issue. you should make your baseline is to count 2000-calories every day.When you count 2000-calories, you put yourself in the green zone that is determined by comprehensive scientific research. 2000-calories/day were found to fulfill your body exact needs.

If you count 2000 calories for a period of time that is a bit longer than "Get loss quick" schemes, you will never need any diet plan.If you manage your protein intake to be around 80 grams/day which produce about 450 calories, eat whatever you like of vegetables and fruits that produce another 450 calories (it is a huge amount), and count about 1100-calories of the other foods, you may not need any schematic diet plans to lose weight.

Nevertheless, you may like to go systematic and follow one or another diet plan, so you may need to count-2000-calories in the following conditions :

1- If you have never gone on a diet plan before and you want to prepare yourself for any diet plan, count-2000-calories/day.

2- If your chosen diet plan recommends you take only 1800, 1600 or 1000-calories daily, then count-2000-calories first for a while before you start the new plan.

3- If you had stopped your diet plan and after a while you find yourself getting weight, count 2000 calories/day and then decide what shall you do, you may not need a diet plan.

4- If you have got hypertension recently, count-2000-calories/day.

5- If your close relatives (parents,aunts or uncles) are or were diabetic and you are over weight, count 2000 calories/day.

When you count-2000-calories/day, you control your body in order to achieve many goals, on top of them is a healthy way of eating.



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